July 10 • Day 3

Today in History

This Day in History
1856 Nikola Tesla was born…. Happy World Tesla Day!
1871 Marcel Proust, French author and critic, was born
1925 The Scopes Monkey Trial began against a high school science teacher accused of teaching evolution in violation Tennessee’s Butler Act.
1962 A US Patent was issued for the 3-point seatbelt
1967 New Zealand adopted a new currency that included decimals
1999 U.S. women won the World Cup


Yesterday in Chicago

 Team Wow  Team Aha
 Tech Tips
Parkour Monkeys

Tech Tips
BLT w/ Cheese and Mayo

  • Leigha – GradeCam
  • Molly – Gmail Todo list to cellphone
  • Thomas – Agenda in Google Calendar
 Storify  Storify


Today in Chicago

Today in History
  World of Wonder

  • For TeamAha — Jammin’ Teachers
  • For TeamWow — C5
  Discussion of the readings

  • Mishra & Koehler
  • Mishra & the deep-play research group
  • TPACK game
  Digital Presence
 Move across the street
Tech Tips

  • For TeamAha — Jammin’ Teachers
  • For TeamWow — C5
Ultimate STEM — The Book Project

  • Demo
  • Debriefing
Cross Share

  Reflection Time

  • Today’s Moment of WOW
Video to End the Day




Complete the following readings and be prepared to discuss in class on Monday