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This I Believe

National Public Radio had a series a while ago titled, This I believe.  As they said in their original invitation (,

“This invites you to make a very great contribution: nothing less than a statement of your personal beliefs of the values, which rule your thought and action. We know this is a tough job. What we want is so intimate that no one can write it for you. You must write it yourself, in the language most natural to you. We ask you to write in your own words.

We would like you to tell not only what you believe, but how you reached your beliefs, and if they have grown, what made them grow. This necessarily must be highly personal. That is what we anticipate and want.”

Now we at MSUrbanSTEM want to create our own version of This I Believe. This will be the next book that we will create together; a followup to UltimateSTEM that we created during the summer. Of course, we will not follow the directions given by NPR blindly, but will seek to build on it, in our own way, taking from it what we like and adding pieces that make sense to us. So here goes.

Each of you will be writing a piece to become a chapter in our second book, to be titled: This I Believe.  Do not worry about the overall formatting in your piece, we simply need you to make a copy of this Google Doc template and share it with  All specifics about what you need to include in your writing can be found in this document.


We will take these individual essays and put them together in a book to be presented to the visitors at the final banquet.  This also means that our timeline is tight and we do need to adhere to it.

March 21: First draft of this assignment is shared with us

April 15: Final revisions are made in your This I Believe document that has been previously shared with MSUrbanSTEM team