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Phase 6

ImagineIT — Phase 6

Implementation, Updates, & Final Report


It is finally time to implement your project!  By now you have developed a big idea, mapped out a plan, identified dilemmas, brainstormed and tested resolutions, and reflected on feedback. Taking all of this into account, it is time to actually implement your project. While there is nothing required for you to publish in regards to the launch of your project, it is important to document the process, as you will be providing monthly updates on your project throughout the school year.



  1. Implementation of ImagineIT & Report – (by Nov 22)


We understand that in some of your cases you may have already started on implementing your ImagineIT. We would like you to be thoughtful and reflective through this entire process. Also, it may be that your project is bigger than can fit in the timeframe here – so it may be that you focus on one piece of it in this time-frame. Either way, communicate with your advisor as you move forward with this.  


By the 22nd we expect you have an update on your progress. See this as a reflection activity in which you share your thoughts and feelings related to the ImagineIT project at this point. This project has been with you since July. You have been thinking about it, tinkering with it, problematized it and worked on resolving some of its dilemmas, and now you will have tested it out in the classroom (or some other space) for the first time. Be sure to include artifacts that help illustrate your project (this update could take any form you feel is appropriate — a Twitter widget with daily updates, a blog post about your experiences in this process, a video update, etc.). These artifacts should accompany a one page update on your ImagineIT that informs visitors of your progress. We are open to alternative ways of representing your work – so once again connect with your advisor if you have other ideas in mind.


  1. Final ImagineIT Report – (Due by December 14)

Having completed phases IV and V, write a summary of the key takeaways of the two phases. The summary should address the following points:

  1. What I learned from the dilemmas book?
  2. What I learned from the focus group and teaching demonstration?
  3. What I learned from my colleagues?
  4. Between writing the implementation report and now, what insights do I have on my ImagineIT?
  5. Looking forward, what key items would I change when I implement round 2?

Write in 400 to 500 words.