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Outcome 3: PD and Newsletter

Outcome 3: PD and Newsletter (Due December 7th)

After finishing your Book Hangout on Air and taking your learning to a new level, we’re asking that you continue to play with ideas, tools, strategies, inspiration, and everything else related to your Deep Play topic.  Remember to continue sharing your favorite resources through the selected method of curation for your Deep Play group.


With almost five months of study and play under your belt, you have gained a certain level of understanding about your Deep Play topic.  And you know, when you know something, other people want you to share it!  So, we’re asking you to share your Deep Play knowledge by creating a professional development experience for other educators.  Assume that you have been given 2 hours minimum (maybe a whole day!) from your administrator to lead this professional development opportunity and that your audience has no background in your Deep Play topic – they are novices.  


As your group builds your professional development opportunity, think about our face-to-face time together. How can you generate excitement around your topic?  How can you make learning active and not passive? How can you remix and disrupt what others have come to know as professional learning? How can you encourage others to play with your topic?  How can you uncover ideas and push educators out of their comfort zone?  How can you model risk taking and acceptance of failure in learning?


Your group will ultimately decide how to package your professional development opportunity.  Will you create a presentation to lead your hands-on workshop? An eBook? A podcast series? A scaffolded module? Feel free to explore your options and get creative! Whatever form your professional development takes, remember to include the following at minimum:


  • Create an agenda that provides an overview
  • Identify learning outcomes
  • Establish the enduring value of your topic (provide grounding research)
  • Create the resources needed to deliver the professional development
  • Site all of your sources used (images, videos, articles, etc.)


Now that you’ve built this awesome professional development opportunity, you need to publicize it!  Your group  should collaboratively create a newsletter that includes the following:

  • Your Deep Play topic
  • A description of what the core ideas/concepts of your Deep Play topic are (how would you describe your topic in your own words?)
  • 5 fast facts about your topic (what are 5 things everyone should know about your topic?)
  • 5 people/organizations to follow on Twitter
  • 5 of your favorite resources on your Deep Play topic
  • 2 article recommendations
  • 2 book recommendations (i.e., your Book Hangout books)
  • Anything else that you think would help someone understand or become interested in your topic!


A tool to checkout for this newsletter is But, certainly choose whatever technology best meets your needs and provides the most affordances.  After all, we are always TPACK-ing!
The professional development should either be typed onto your Deep Play page or embedded (depending on the method you choose to produce the product) and the newsletter should be embedded on your site.  Please provide context for your readers that describes the size of the group you envision being able to serve in one PD and the timeframe you have chosen to work within.  Also provide a brief overview of your role in the creation of both of these artifacts.  What were you responsible for?  These items should be published to your site, in the established chronological order, by December 7th.