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Presentation of Self

Your presentation of self can be split into two major assignments:

  • Digital Makeover
  • Deep Play Group poster presentation at the CPS Tech Talk

Digital Makeover (Due February 8th & final product due April 8th)

At the start of the summer we asked for you to create (or revise) your professional web presence to document your experience in the MSU Urban STEM Program. You have shared your assignments via your portfolio, as well as through Twitter. We now ask you to take a step back and consider expanding the function of your site and how it reflects your beliefs as a STEM learner and leader.

Digital Makeover for your Web Presence: Final Product Due April 8th, 2016


    1. Starting Point: Take at least 3 screenshots of your site as it is right now.  Include one shot of your home page within your collection of screenshots. Create a Google Doc and share this file with  DUE BY FEBRUARY 8th.
    2. Conduct a Background Check on Yourself  
      Conduct searches via major search engines and see what the top 20 links say about you in Bing, Google, etc. and evaluate your public profile on social media platforms.

      Write a 150 word profile of what you learned about yourself and what is available about you on the web. Was there anything that surprised you? What would you like to change? DUE BY FEBRUARY 8th.

    3. Clean Up  DUE BY FEBRUARY 8th
      1. Delete risky content from your website and social media sites wherever possible. Delete any content from accounts no longer in use. Once the content is deleted, it is safe to delete the account.
      2. Check the privacy settings on all social media sites and make sure the content is only viewable to the audiences you want to view.
      3. Check content for currency/accuracy; make sure information is up to date and no spelling or grammatical errors are present.


The rest of the steps in your digital makeover will be completed at our March 5th Face to Face Meeting. You will get time to work on this before you submit the final product on April 8th.


Presentation at CPS Tech Talk (April 8th)

On April 8th, you will present a poster session at the CPS Tech Talk with your Deep Play Group.  In preparation for your presentation, consider how you will divide tasks for your presentation:

  • Creating a science fair style presentation board
    • What content is important to put on the board?
    • What photos, artifacts, etc. do you have that you want on the board?
    • Pro Tip:  QR codes are a great way to get people to resources quickly.
  • Gather materials and resources needed
    • How will you allow visitors to have a hands-on experience with your topic?
    • What resources can you provide visitors?
  • Touch up Deep Play PD and newsletter that you created in the fall semester so that you can share

Other items to consider: How will you share contact info for your group members?  Do you each have a personal business card?  Will you create and hand out a bookmark with all group member contact info and favorite resources?  Be creative!