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Spring Timeline of Assignments

spring assignments

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Imagine IT: The Final Leg

  The third phase of your ImagineIT project will be implemented over the course of the Spring semester. The focus of this phase of your ImagineIT should be to innovate and take your ideas to the next level. Similar to the Fall, you will need to create a plan for how your project will look …

The Leadership Strand

The spring leadership strand will help you develop your understanding and beliefs of leadership by examining and reflecting on your own leadership in your context and by viewing leaders in the field.  We have scaffolded this strand into three major parts: Part 1:  Where am I Now? Part 2:  This I Believe Part 3:  Presentation …

The Next 5 Years

The Next 5 Years (Due May 6) Each of you came into this fellowship with experience and a unique story. Now that the year in the fellowship is coming to an end (it is not goodbye forever), it is time for your story to continue. So, where does your story go next? This is your …