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Outcome 1: Tinker Tale Take 2

Outcome 1: Tinker Tale Take 2 (Due September 21st)

By September 21st, you should dig deeper into your play and publish Tinker Tale Take 2 to your Deep Play page on your website.  In Tinker Tale Take 1 over the summer, you established goals for your continued play.  Now, you will research and play with those ideas and goals.  Through your play, remember that new goals may form and lead you on a new learning adventure.  That’s okay!  That’s expected.  You will share your learning in Tinker Tale Take 2, which should include the following:


  • Restate your goal(s).
  • Select one or two cool things that you’ve learned so far and teach them to your video audience! Since you have been playing with this topic since the summer, you have much to share and we all want to learn from you!  As you teach your audience, assume that they have no background in the content that you are covering.
  • Share the books that your group selected at our September face-to-face meeting to read for the Book Hangout on Air and mention which of the books you will be reading.  What do you hope to learn from it?
  • In addition to the book, what will be your area of focus or goals for what you play with next?

Your Tinker Tale should be from 3-4 minutes in length and published to your Deep Play page with context by September 21st, 2015.  Display your artifacts in chronological order, with the newest artifact at the top of your page.  Remember that you can choose to record your Tinker Tale video-diary style (you sitting in front of your webcam) or you can put your own twist on it and try a new tool (like!  No matter what, make sure to check your ABC’s (Audio, Brightness, Camera).