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Imagine IT — Fall Edition

ImagineIT.  InnovateIT. Implement IT.  


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This fall, you will add a new spin to your ImagineIT project. Until now, you watered a big idea and let it grow within the context of your classroom setting. You shaped it to fit your classroom and/or learning community based on various technological, pedagogical, and content-based challenges you may face. Now it is time to take it a step ahead, and consider some dilemmas that may arise as you move forward to implement it in your classrooms.


  • This fall you will read What Should I Do? Confronting Dilemmas of Teaching in Urban Schools by Anna Ershler Richert.
  • Using this book, you will identify dilemmas that you face in general, and dilemmas that you face in regards to your ImagineIT Project implementation.
  • Once you have identified these dilemmas, you will confer with colleagues and map out a plan of attack to confront these potential ImagineIT dilemmas.
  • You will then conduct a focus group with a collection of your students, where you test the potential dilemma resolutions that you brainstormed with your colleagues.
  • You will then report your findings in the form of a short report that will be posted to you website.
  • Once you have completed the focus group, it will be time to actually implement your ImagineIT project.
  • Finally, you will write a final report at the end of the semester updating us of the overall experience.


As you dive into your ImagineIT project, be sure to take note of what is transpiring, as you will be posting monthly updates to your website, informing visitors of the progress being made in your project. See more details later on this page. (insert hyperlink to relevant section below).
To streamline this process, we have broken down the ImagineIT into smaller pieces with individual deadlines to keep you on track with the overall project. To get a big picture view, you can click here. (insert hyperlink to Fall Assignment timeline page)


Now, let’s take a look at each of the three phases (4, 5, and 6).



Phase 6 – Implementation, Updates, & Final Report

Phase 4

ImagineIT — Phase 4 READING THE BOOK & PROBLEMATIZING YOUR ImagineIT WITH DILEMMAS IMPORTANT DATES: SEPTEMBER 12 and OCTOBER 5   In this phase, your role is to read the What Should I Do? Confronting Dilemmas of Teaching in Urban Schools book and problematize your own ImagineIT. You will think of some of the possible …

Phase 5

ImagineIT — Phase 5 CONFERRING WITH COLLEAGUES, STUDENT FOCUS GROUP, & SHORT REPORT IMPORTANT DATES: OCTOBER 12 & 19   This assignment builds upon the work that you have completed in the first four phases of your ImagineIT project. In the previous phase, you problematized your own ImagineIT by bringing in dilemmas in your classroom. …

Phase 6

ImagineIT — Phase 6 Implementation, Updates, & Final Report IMPORTANT DATES: NOVEMBER 22, DECEMBER 14     It is finally time to implement your project!  By now you have developed a big idea, mapped out a plan, identified dilemmas, brainstormed and tested resolutions, and reflected on feedback. Taking all of this into account, it is …